Bladen County
Bladenboro, NC
Prior to the  
Brown vs. the Board of
Education ruling of 1954,  black
children were taught separate from
whites.  Helen Singletary, of  
Bladenboro, NC  taught for many
years during this period and
afterwards in Bladen.  To the right,
she is pictured with one of  her  
Here are some more pics
from Bladenboro, I'll be adding
more shortly.
Columbus County
Cohabitation Records
African American
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A Brief History of Cerro Gordo,
Chadbourn, Grist, and the Mt.
Moriah Community
Compiled by the 1962 Eighth Grade Chapter
of the Tarheel Junior Historian Association of
Westside School, Chadbourn, NC.
(Transcribed by Lisa Lawrence-Hudson
whose Great-Grandfather, Callis Brinkley,
was interviewed and listed as a source of

Lawrence, Brinkley, Singletary & Lewis
SouthEastern NC
African & Native American
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Lawrence,Brinkley and Allied
Families of North Carolina